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Adobe Creative Suite 2 Workflow
Integrating the Tools, Increasing Your Productivity

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Jennifer Alspach, Shari Nakano, Steve Samson
634 s, Engelska, 2005

 Nej (2018-02-16)
Normal leveranstid: 10-14 dagar
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Odds are you already use Adobe´s Creative Suite. Maybe you use some of its features all of the time, but you know it also includes other powerful tools you have yet to explore, because you just don´t have the time. The irony is that the whole design of Creative Suite is intended to save you time--the applications and tools included in the product work together seamlessly, making it possible for designers like you to work incredibly efficiently, from file creation to distribution.

This book can help you quickly learn how to take advantage of all that CS2 has to offer. By following its concise explanations and step-by-step exercises, you´ll soon learn core skills and techniques that will enable you to create an integrated workflow that will not only save you lots of time, but will also give you more flexibility to move between applications to make necessary tweaks, try out new ideas, and create portable files for review.

Adobe Creative Suite 2 Workflow will help you:
  • Master Version Cue and Bridge: the hub for Creative Suite 2
  • Use CS2 more effectively everyday, on all kinds of projects
  • Know which applications are best to use for specific tasks
  • Learn how to combine applications for peak efficiency
  • Answer the top 15 "How Do I?" questions for every CS2 application
With full-color examples and dozens of practical tips and tricks, this book is the working professional´s guide to getting the most out of all of your CS2 tools.

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