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Photoshop CS2 Killer Tips

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Scott Kelby, Felix Nelson
New Riders
288 s, Engelska, 2005

 Nej (2018-02-16)
Normal leveranstid: 10-14 dagar
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Okay, why a book of nothing but tips? Because that´s where all the really slick, really useful, and really fun stuff is. It´s true! If we´re looking through a book and we see the word "Tip" we´re all immediately drawn to it, because we know we´re about to learn something great. Maybe it´s an undocumented keyboard shortcut, a hidden inside secret, or just a faster, better way to do something we do every day. The only problem with the tips in these books is that there are never enough of ´em. That is, until now.

That´s because this book is packed cover-to-cover, wall-to-wall with nothing but those cool Photoshop CS2 sidebar tips. Every tip is designed to make you work faster, smarter, and have more fun using Photoshop CS2. There are no detailed descriptions of CMYK separation set-ups, or long boring discussions on color management theory. It´s just tips--short, sweet, and to the point.

But we´ve done the "tip" idea one better, because every tip has a full-color graphic to make the tips even more accessible, even more fun, and even easier to use. Most importantly, to get in this book they´ve got to be "Killer Tips." The kind of tip that makes you smile, nod, and then call all your friends and "tune them up" with your new status as Photoshop guru.

If you´ve wondered how the pros get twice the work done in half the time, it´s because they know all the tips, and all the tricks. Now with this book, so will you.

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